The future of every community is its children. Instilling Christian morals and values into the new generation is the vision of IRA’s Sunday school. To accomplish this goal, Sunday school is held from 09:00 AM AST onwards where our children experience a structured plan for learning and spiritual development that is tailored to their age group. Sunday school curriculum is based on the Bible and the lessons are prepared in line with the Word of God.

Sunday school program includes Bible lessons, scripture memorization, action songs, craftworks, science experiments, and developing various talents in kids. We foster learning for kids through a variety of fun and engaging activities so that they will learn many amazing things about God and encourages them to incorporate Christian values in their life.

Annually, we as a Church conduct a Vacation Bible School (VBS) for children during their summer break holidays with interactive and exciting events based on various bible themes. This event runs for about a week and is open to the community to allow all children to come and partake in the event. As part of VBS, children would be having an opportunity to learn lots of songs, dance, videos, drama, fun, games, learning from the lives of various Bible characters, and many more.

Our Youth Ministry is working towards bringing young people and young adults closer to Jesus Christ. Youth Meeting runs on the third Sunday of each month immediately after the regular worship service where there are fun and spiritual activities conducted by the young adults.

The various activities include music, devotions, talent shows, games, bible quiz, and many other activities. You will leave this meeting satisfied and smiling. During summer we even plan outdoor activities and picnics to build a stronger rapport among fellow believers.


Women’s ministry is where women come together for fellowship and friendship. Even they encourage each other in their daily walk with the Lord from the Word of God and testimonies. They regularly join on a phone line irrespective of their age or background every Saturday from 9:00 AM AST onwards to vigorously pray for one another, the community, the nation and the Church.

Women’s Ministry aims to gather once a month to spend time in prayer and in meditation of the Word of God. All are welcome to this meeting and we look forward to welcoming you to this spiritual gathering.


We as a Church believe that ministry is not just gathering together within four walls of the church or just about keeping the Church’s doors open, hoping that people will walk in. Rather, it means finding ways to share the good news to people outside, whether they are in a different neighborhood, culture, language group or country.

We as a Church believe that street evangelism is a powerful method that can be used to reach individuals who do not normally come into Church.

Accordingly, by collaborating with another church we do street evangelism by presenting the love of God to people of all races and ages and telling them about the sacrifice made by Jesus Christ for the salvation of humanity. Church members actively support this mission by sharing gospel tracts, displaying bible verse pluck cards, sharing the gospel etc. 


Cape Breton Student’s fellowship is a fellowship we started in the city of Sydney, Nova Scotia even before the International Revival Assembly Church was founded. It all started as a result of a great concern that God gave in our hearts about the students who were migrating from Kerala to Sydney for pursuing their higher education at Cape Breton University, where there are no Malayalam fellowship.

Accordingly, based on God’s guidance we decided to take a step of faith and started this fellowship in September 2018. Even though the number of attendees was small, to begin with, but the fellowship has grown over time by the abundant Grace of God.

Students attending this fellowship are encouraged and are spiritually nurtured to be leaders to take this fellowship forward with the oversight and guidance of our church. Cape Breton Student’s Fellowship is being conducted every Saturday from 06:00 PM  – 07:30 PM AST.

Service Location:

Southend Community Centre,

1464 George St, Sydney, NS

B1P 1P3





Church Pastor is always available to provide counselling to those members of the congregation that require encouragement or help to overcome their emotional stress and anxiety.